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My tea table

Hey there!

I’m sorry, again, for not updating as often as I would like. I just got back from the beach, this time Hua Hin! And I’m very sun burnt! I’ll tell you more about the yummilicious food I had there later, but in this post I would like to share with you all some of the pictures from the afternoon tea party I threw on Thai Mother’s Day (Aug 12th.) It was also the day that my sister announced her engagement to all our relatives, so I wanted to make the event extra special and spent hours after hours trying to put things together, despite only having one day to plan and half a day to execute! I didn’t think I would have to pull (almost) an all-nighter so soon after college, but it went smoothly and their smiles made it more that worth it. =)

Since I had very little time, I couldn’t bake everything myself. I only managed to make the apple turnovers, the berries tartlets, the caramelized nuts tart, the chicken sandwiches, and the tuna vol au vent. The rest of the stuff, I was saved by the dear Siam Paragon gourmet floor aka my second home. I bought some scones from the Mandarin Oriental bakery, some pretty little cupcakes from Cupcake Carousel, some cygnes from It’s happened to be a closet, and some cold cuts, and assorted cheeses. I also bought a delicious caramelized onion quiche and assorted macarons from Dusit Thani hotel. Without these places, I wouldn’t have been able to bake everything in time. So, thank you!! haha

After some minor troubles here and there (such as my dog stealing a whole plate of parma ham,) I managed to put everything together with the help of my family just in time for the guests’ arrival. I must say, it was a very close call! Please take a look at the pictures below. Enjoy!

(P.S. Please, if you want to take my pictures out, credit me =) Thanks!)

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  1. Suphot V. says:

    Oh how wonderful to have a nice sister like you to prepare such an
    afternoon tea engagement party like this. It is more valuable and
    precious than what will be done in the hotel. The host and
    relatives may appreciate so much . All the desserts look great and
    make me feel hungry especially the Chateau Margaux 1986.

    How about your tune ? Hope the party will be greater. May I be one
    of your guests, just kidding.

    1. Thank you 🙂 My turn? Maybe in 10 years..hahaha and if you still read my blog (and if I still have a blog) at that time, then you’ll definitely be invited!

  2. Suphot V. says:

    It is my great pleasure , I am looking forward to be inviting then.

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