OMG…Zuma in Bangkok?!?!?!

Hi there,

Credit: St. Regis, Bangkok


I know, you must be surprised with the frequency I’m updating my blog. But I can’t contain my excitement because, Zuma, my favorite Japanese restaurant in the whole world is set to open at the St. Regis, Bangkok – the newest addition to the luxury hotel scence here in Bangkok – around the middle of this year!

I was calling the hotel to inquire about their restaurants when i discovered this exciting fact! I don’t know if I’m super late on the bandwagon, but, nonetheless, this is the most excited I’ve been about a new restaurant opening in Bangkok EVER! I hope it’s as good as, my uttermost favorite, Zuma, London since I do not like the one in Hong Kong quite as much. (Read my review HERE) I can’t wait to find out though!

Bon Appétit!

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  1. Christopher Will says:

    Hi there,
    Have you tried Zuma Dubai? They have become one of the middle east’s top restaurants! Awesome that Bangkok is opening, for sure will be something great to see! Try the Chilliean seabass next time you are in London!

    1. I haven’t gotten a chance to visit Dubai yet! But I would love to go! Although I barely eat fish, my favorite dish their is the black cod. So I think I must try the Chiliean seabass next time. Thank you! =)

    2. Jane says:

      I was been in zuma, Dubai that fantastic Japanese restaurant!! And whole restaurant is very big, First arrived was crowded but still good service. Welcome new zuma in bkk. When will have grand opening just let us know. cheer up!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Zuma Bangkok is opened from today onwards!! For reservations, call 02 2524707!

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