Panettone pudding


Hi there!

Have you ever had any issue with leftover breads? I don’t know it’s just my family or if it’s a common issue, but we LOVE to buy bread but never finish the whole loaf. Therefore, a dessert junkie like me came up with a brilliant solution that’s quick, easy, and delicious which is to make bread pudding!!!!!

Bread pudding is the best way to use up bread that’s getting dry since the recipe calls for stale bread which soaks up thw cuatard better. Not only is this dessert a godsent for making you look like a domestic goddess since it’s heavenly aroma will perfume the whole house, you do not need a recipe!

The key is to make enough “custard” to soak every bits of bread fully. And, mind you, I use the term custard very loosely since it can be any sort of liquidy concoction that you like from savory rosemary scented gorgonzola custard to baileys infused chocolate sauce to good old vanilla – pretty much anything goes to be honest!

Just remember to throw in enough egg and whipping cream to create a liquidy custard consistency, add some vanilla and cinnamon, add sugar to taste, (try to go less rather than more with the sugar since if it isn’t sweet enough, you can always add a scoop of ice cream to ooze over the warm pudding, making it even more divine!)

Simply tear up any bread that you have, baguette, croissant, in this case I used buttery, fruit-loaded, panettone, and mix everythig together, then let the bread soaks in the custard for at least 30mins then bake at 170 until knife comes out clean. (If you want the pudding custardy, you cab bake it in a water bath as well but that’s not required.)

Easy peasy, I promise!





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