Supanniga Eating Room

Hi there,

Since Thanksiving is tomorrow already, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about home cooking, comfort food, and my new found favorite Thai restaurant – Supanniga Eating Room. I believe everyone’s idea of comfort food is different- to some home cooking may remind them of mashed potatoes and pot roast, while some others Thai green curry and fragrant jasmine rice. My idea of comfort food and home cooking is a little odd considering I grew up with one very Thai grandma and one Swiss grandma; new potatoes topped with melted raclette and a bowl of sizzling hot curry are both comfort food in my opinion. Despite how you’re raised and what you grew up eating, home cooking, to everyone, has one common element – the comforting nostalgia factor. Nothing is quite as wonderful as when you put a bite of food into your mouth and images of childhood memories appear in your mind. The dishes are never complex but they are the most delicious because they are made with love.

Supanniga Eating Room is a restaurant that personifies the idea of home cooking. Inspired by the dishes of Khun Eh’s grandmother, “Khunyai” as we would say in Thai, (Khun Eh is one of the owners of this lovely restaurant) the Thai dishes at Supanniga embody both the element of comfort and the relatable deliciousness. Nothing about the dishes served in this three-story restaurant is complicated and they are presented in home-style plates and bowls, “just like grandma made them.” But do not let the simplicity fools you, as soon as you put the first bite into your mouth, you will not want to stop.

Khunyai‘s cuisine is deeply rooted in her hometown in Trad with a some “Issan” or North Eastern Thai influence, so you can expect the dishes to be flavorful with emphasis on the ingredients such as the premium fish sauce from Trad, which provides excellence flavor and aroma without any fishiness. A simple dish like “Ka lum tod nam pla” or chinese cabbage stir fried in fish sauce takes a whole new meaning with the help of Trad fish sauce. It was the most simplistic dish of the night in terms of the preparation and the presentation, yet it was my favorite. The large crunchy leaves of cabbage is sweet and goes extremely well with the flavorful fish sauce.

Ka Lum Tod Num Pla

Now let’s talk about other dishes. We first started off with some “ma hor” – a traditional Thai appetizer made of mainly minced pork and, I believe, minced shrimp. It’s normally served on a slice of pineapple; however, Khunyai preferred to serve it on a juicy slice of orange instead which I thought went really well together with the slightly sweet topping.

The next dish is “Yum nuea lai” or Thai-style beef salad made with slices of beef shank, again Khunyai‘s preference, that has a slight crunch from the connective tissue that goes well with the refreshing salad.

Another appetizer that we tried was “Pu ja,” fresh chunk of crab meat and pork steamed in crab shell. They did not hold back on the amount of crab and the seasoning was very nice. I’m normally not a big fan of water-based animals, like most of you might know, but this dish I surprisingly enjoy.

Pu Ja

Last but not least, another favorite of the night was the “Moo Cha Muang” or chunk of tender pork stewed in Thai herbs and cha muang leaves. No longer commonly found, this curry has medium heat and a very balanced flavor. I really enjoyed that they use a tender yet less fatty cut for this curry because normally you would find a much more oily version.

Yam Nuea Lai

Now it’s time for some desserts, I tried the “Bua loi kai kem” or little dumpling made from various vegetables such as pumpkin and taro served in coconut milk with salted egg.

Bua Loi Kai Kem
mango sticky rice

Supanniga Eating Room also has a nice sitting area on the more dimly-lit third floor with a small outdoor terrace where you can enjoy some drinks such as these Earl grey martini and citrus martini.

Earl Grey Martini
Citrus Martini

Give this restaurant a try and let me know how you guys like it!

Bon Appétit!

Supanniga Eating Room

160/11 Sukhumvit 55

Thonglor between sot 5 & 8


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