Fast Forward to Summer

While I was trying to brainstorm about what recipes to come up with based on the clothes I have laying around, I realized one major flaw in my plan – I’m no longer in Thailand with my massive kitchen and storage space. Where am I going to store all the baking equipment in my tiny Manhattan apartment?!? I just placed some orders on Amazon prime for some anyways, maybe I’ll store them in my microwave once they arrive.

My point is, I don’t have a dessert recipe for you this week. So I decided to write about some common themes I see in my small collection of clothes instead and realized 3 things: 80% of my clothes are either white or cream, 80% of my dresses are Self-Portrait, and I have an unreasonable amount of swimsuits for someone who lives on the East Coast. I’ll write about the first two findings later, but let’s dissect the third one a little bit more.

As people are posting about transitioning from Winter to Spring, layers, and blush tones etc., I want to write about the Summer instead. Is it wrong to skip Spring in the Blogosphere? I’ll worry about that later.


For Love and Lemon (No longer available 😦 )


Lisa Marie Fernandez (You could buy it HERE)


After careful examination, I realized that I have an unhealthy obsession with swimwear. As someone who’s not exactly well endowed in the chestal area….I have a few tips and tricks when it comes to picking swimwear.

  • Use unusual straps/ neckline to draw attention -Other people may like to show cleavage, but I like to show clavicles, so any dramatic design that could enhance my neck and shoulders is a must for me e.g. a giant bow, fluttered one shoulder, arm bands, cold-shoulder style – you name it. I like them all.
  • Leave something to the imagination – there’s a very very fine line between being classy and trashy. And one way to ensure that you stay clear of crossing that line is to flaunt unexpected areas instead. A cutout design around your waist, a one piece suit with see-through panels in “innocent” areas, lacing along the side of the suits. There are so many fun ways to feel sexy without shouting to the world -“LOOK AT ME, I’M HALF NAKED”. Sure, people may find you sexy, but it comes with a lot of other stereotypes and assumptions that you might not necessarily want to be associated with.
  • Choose quality over quantity – I know swimsuits have suddenly become luxury items in the recent years, with prices ranging up to $700+, but having one well-designed, well-made pair that perfectly compliments your body is better than having 10 ill-fitting ones that will fall apart after a few wash.
  • Hand wash immediately – don’t let your expensive suits just sit there soaked in chlorine or salt, hand was with a mild detergent like this one from the Laundress.


Norma Kamali (On sales HERE)

My all-time favorite brand has always been Zimmermann, the design, the quality, the fit are just perfect. But the price is very up there. Some other brands I also love are Norma Kamali, Lisa Marie Fernandez, Marysia, and For Love and Lemons. More info on the pieces and where to buy them below!

L-> R

  • Zimmermann (no longer available) Similar style for much cheaper from ASOS
  • Zimmermann (no longer available)
  • Lisa Marie Fernandez HERE & HERE
  • Same Swim HERE & HERE
  • Zimmermann (no longer available) Similar Style from Topshop HERE & HERE
  • Marysia Swim HERE & HERE
  • Zimmermann HERE
  • Skye & Staghorn HERE



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