Supanniga Eating Room

Hi there, Since Thanksiving is tomorrow already, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about home cooking, comfort food, and my new found favorite Thai restaurant – Supanniga Eating Room. I believe everyone’s idea of comfort food is different- to some home cooking may remind them of mashed potatoes and pot roast, while…

Roast ร้านอร่อยนั่งสบาย

Hi there. Roast describes themselves as “Roast: A specialty coffee Roaster, Cafe & Bistro” located at Seen Space, Thonglor 13, this cozy eatery is soon climbing up my list as one of my favorite spots to have a relaxing meal at – be it breakfast, lunch, coffee break, or dinner, roast has something roasting for you….

Non Stink Korean Food

Hi there, I just had a delicious lunch at “Tudari,” a Korean casual dining restaurant. I love my food to have strong flavors, hence my imense affection for north eastern Thai food, therefore this restaurant is right up my alley. It actually reminds me of the kind of Korean “comfort food” I used to love…

BonChon Chicken (บอนชอน)

(Scroll down สำหรับภาษาไทยจ้าาา) Hi there, BonChon, a Korean word that translates literally to  “home of fried chicken,” is a word that has many meanings to me. First, it brings back old memories of my time in NY, having fun, chatting, and laughing with my friends over some soju in Korean Tow at BonChon, NY. And,…

Mobile Update: Gokumiso Ramen, Thonglor 10.

If you are a fan of miso ramen with thick pork bone soup and thick yellow noodle, head to Gokumiso Ramen, Thonglor 10. ถ้าใครชอบน้ำซุปมิโซะที่ทำจากกระดูกหมูแบบข้นๆและก็เส้นราเม็งแบบหนึบๆหนาๆแล้วให้ไปร้าน โกคุมิโซะที่ทองหล่อ10 ราเม็งจะออกไปทางรสจัดค่ะ