My “Sous-vide” Life – the Introduction

Hello there! Since this post is my first ever blog post, I feel some sort of inclination to write a little introduction. But, just like writing an essay, the intro is always the most dreaded and the most difficult part to write for me. So I will keep this very brief since I’m having a Julie Powell moment (Julie & Julia,) and I’m wondering if anyone, apart from my mom, is reading this. (Hi, mom!)

I would not call myself a die-hard foodie because my culinary spectrum is somewhat limited since I have many dishes that I cannot and will not eat, namely any animal that swims. Although every time I tell someone this, the common response is usually: “Pig can swim too, you know?” But I dare to disagree! Apart from Babe, the talking pig, I’ve never seen a swimming pig before. So, yes, I do eat pork. Anyway, back to the point of this paragraph -although I’m not a foodie, I live, think, breathe food. I wake up thinking about what I will be baking today, I think about dinner as soon as I finished lunch, and I go to bed thinking (and probably dreaming) about what I am going to eat tomorrow. So I would just call myself a food addict. And, hey, that’s not such a bad addiction to have, right?

Another annoying habit of mine would be documenting every single dish I eat before taking a bite anywhere and everywhere. Those who know me well have gotten so used to giving me a moment after the dish has arrived, to take a picture, no matter how starving they are. (And I love you all for that =) )  If only my skin was a little bit thicker, I would probably start taking pictures of dishes on other people’s tables too. But don’t worry; I’m not that crazy…yet. But I have to admit that I’m more addicted to my camera than my blackberry. Therefore, I guess it’s about time that I do something with the gazillion food pictures that I have on my laptop. Although I’m nowhere near being a good writer, I will try my best to share all my gastronomic delights with you all. So please ENJOY!

Chocolate and Hazelnut cupcake - recipe from Hummingbird Bakery cookbook

Bon Appétit!

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  1. O-B-1 says:

    Looking forward to the next dish!

    1. Where should we go next? There’s a noodle festival at Paragon right now. Interested?

  2. Alex says:

    Of course! I’m your biggest fan already.

    1. Can you go online in court? haha

  3. Daybun says:

    Ma Chérie, Congratulations! I’m so glad you started this blog. I’m confident you’ll have millions of interesting ideas and things to share. You’ve had real passion for food especially pastries since a very young age. You once told me “It must be wonderful to own a place where people could have a really good time, sitting in beautiful surroundings, having good foods and receiving good services.”. You were only 8 !. So this blog could be the start of your beautiful place where people could learn about good foods, nice places and how to enjoy life. Best wishes for a successful and enjoyable endeavour. Love. Mae

  4. Na Erg says:

    Hi Nida.
    Na Erg เองค่ะ. So surprise to know that u love eating. How can i eat like u but but so slim like u too. Please suggest. Will keep reading your blog na ka.

    1. I definitely live to eat ja Na Erg. But I limit myself to only one big meal a day. The other meals I just eat veggies and fruits. =)

      1. Na Erg says:

        I’ll try ka. Thanks for your sugestion.
        Na Erg hv big meals everytime ka.

  5. torroong jarungidanan says:

    Congrats naka and looking very much forward to reading more of your writing.

    1. Thank you mak mak na ka. Still haven’t had a chance to see you since I came back this time. Do you still get to arrange flowers at all ka?

  6. Na Pei says:

    Congratulations ja, Nida, for a great start! I know from experience you’ll have great things to say about food. Btw, thanks for all the good stuff you love to make for everyone to try. It’s a very happy arrangement. Merci! 😀

    1. Thank you ja Na Pei. Maybe you should be a contributor on my blog and post up some of your many many recipes too na ja!

  7. Wendy says:

    Love your blog Nida! 🙂 Keep writing! I’m a food addict too!

    1. Thanks, Wendy! I know you are =) I’m still waiting for your cupcake shop to open like Alice talked about in 365!!!

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