The Sin of Gluttony

Although I know that gluttony is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, I still can’t stop myself from overindulging and being preoccupied with food all the time.  Today, I’m probably going to commit the biggest sin of gluttony since I’m planning an eating marathon at Bangkok’s finest – Yaowarat (China Town.) I have to confess that I’ve only been to Yaowarat once and that was to go to the temple. Therefore, I feel an urgent need to explore this melting pot of the street food world.

My dad is very experienced in the realm of street food. Each day he brings home a different type of noodle, from a different cart, at a different street corner -some with giant meat balls, some with succulent stewed beef, and some with pig brain (eww..) Therefore, it only makes sense for him to be my tour guide for the day. Yet, I’m also being super prepared; I’m printing out food maps and dining guide off of the internet too, just in case my dad decides towards the innards direction.

This map, right here, is very informative:

But since I won’t be able to blog about Yaowarat until much later tomorrow, now, I’m just going to post a quick entry on my dinner at Sushi-Cyu and BBQ Carnival. What’s special about this place is that the restaurant is separated into 2 zones – Sushi-Chu and BBQ Carnival. My party chose to eat at the BBQ side that day.


The nice thing about this restaurant was the fact that the ventilation system was good. There’s a giant venting duct right above our head that sucks in all the scent from the grill, so we didn’t leave smelling like a walking Kalbi. Another thing that I thought was pretty neat was the little apron that we were given at the beginning of our meal – no more worrying of getting oil splatters on your beautiful blouse!

This thing was powerful and effective!

Ok, back to the food – we ordered their Japanese Beef Special (Kobe Beef,) which was super juicy and tender and 2 portions of, what I believe was, the tokujyo karubi or the special rib meat .

The Kobe


I liked this one better since I like my meat on the leaner side

And to accompany the BBQ we ordered the beef soup, the cold tofu, kimchi, garlic fried rice and the namul – everything was tasty, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves

Namul - my favs


Very hot grill - careful with the beef!
Beef soup - nice but nothing memorable
refreshing and healthy

Oh another thing that I liked was how they served the veggies – you can order various vegetables for grilling and they’d come in their little foil pocket. You place the pocket on the grill and let the vegetable simmer in there and what you get would be a nice portion of fresh veggies that are steamed to perfection in their delicious sauce – so good!

Loved how veggies were cooked

Bon Appétit!

Address:3rd Floor, CRC Tower#303-4

All SeasonsPlace.87/2

Wireless Rd., Phatumwan, Bangkok 10330



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