Which Ice is Hot Now?

Hi there! Just a quick update on what I’ve been doing lately (apart from stuffing my face with yummy food.) I just started a pastry course at Le Cordon Bleu, and it’s actually taking up much more of my time and energy that I initially thought; so if I’m a little MIA, please bare with me.

So before I head out to exercise my biceps & triceps through whisking and lifting heavy objects. Let me just share with you some of the delicious icy goodness that I’ve been enjoying lately.

+++ I wrote up to this point and had to leave for class +++

As you all know, it’s been super hot and humid in Bangkok (no surprise there!) Therefore, what could be better to cool down the heat than a scoop or two of your favorite ice-cold dessert gelato! Here’s my top 5 recent favorites:

Credit http://www.bnaturale.com

As a big fan of something salty and sweet together, this one is my current ultimate favorite especially when they give you pieces of the waffle cone even when you order the soft serve in a cup.

  • Melt Me – Hokkaido milk gelato and passion fruit sorbet

The new gelato place in Thonglor 10 did not disappoint. Although the bright orange decor was a little too much for me, the gelato and the sorbets were very yummy. And the fact that they have added extra “healthy” ingredients added into them is a plus too -assuming that they really work but they sure have an effect on my conscience.

  • Buddhi Belly – Frozen yogurt topped with honey, strawberries, and mango
Never could resist long enough for a decent picture
Credit Buddhi Belly

Pinkberry has always been my favorite fro-yo, and I always crave it whenever I’m not in the States. So it’s nice to find another fro-yo place that I like that offer better quality fruits than Red Mango. And I love eating greek yogurt with honey so it’s pretty awesome how they offer honey as one of their topping.

I don’t understand how the “snow” is made or what it’s made from, maybe I don’t even wanna know. But it always puzzles me to eat this light as air flakes that are actually more on the “creamy” side than on the icy side -so intriguing and so good!

  • Maprao Horm” – coconut ice cream in a young coconut

How can I not have a Thai-style ice-cream on the list. My favorite is this young coconut ice cream that is served in a coconut shell. It’s so satisfying to dig your spoon in and get some of the coconut meat in every bite. Now I really crave some!

There are also some other dishes that involve a scoop or two of ice-cream that deserve some acknowledgement:

  • Iberry – Roti with caramelized bananas and a scoop of ice-cream -so many textures and sensations rolled into one dish!
  • After You – Honey Toast – need I say more?

  • Muratra Fruit Palor – Green tea and Japanese fruit parfait. The intense green tea flavor cuts through the sweetness of the juicy and fresh imported japanese fruits so well that each bite puts a smile on my face. Murata is probably one of the many things I miss most at Central World. I hope it’ll still be there once CTW reopens!

Bon Appetit!

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