A Big “Fat Gut’z”

Hey, I’m back! Sorry for being MIA for a couple of days. I just got back from a very relaxing beach vacation. And it was the first time in A LONG time for me to go to sleep without a laptop in an arm’s reach and my phone turned off! I will post more about the trip tomorrow. For now, I would like to share with you all an overdue review of the new restaurant/ bar in Thonglor, called Fat Gut’z Saloon.

If you are a big fan of booze, blues, and beautiful people, this tiny fish and chips, rum, and whiskey bar is for you! Last Friday was my second time back to this tiny spot. And it was the yummy cocktails and the amazing live band that drew me back so quickly.

As I stepped into this tiny joint, I felt as if I was transported to a small neighborhood bar in New York. The music was great, the crowd was lively, and the cocktails creative. I got a chance to have a few words with the owner and he said that he opened this place because he couldn’t find decent fish and chips in Bangkok, and the dish is his (and his family’s) favorite. Also, the paid a little short of a million baht for a NY-based mixologist to design the drink list, and I think that was money well-spent! Though I haven’t tried their food, so I can’t comment much there, but I managed to try their drunken brownie pudding (290B)- which I believe should qualify more as a drink, considering the 17% alcohol content!

This was the first thing that caught my attention!

Also, since I’m not a big whiskey fan, I was too busy exploring their imaginative cocktail list that I did not get a chance to look at their whiskeys either. So this entry would be more cocktails-based. I hope that’s ok with you all. Their cocktails (320B) are pretty fruity, which is right up my alley. You can expect to find anything from cubes of kiwi, sticks of cucumber, or a giant ring of cotton candy in your drink, how very fun, right? Some pictures of the drinks are below – my favorite one was Bismarck (kiwi, Asian pear, white wine, vodka, orange liqueur, and champagne) And the owner also recommended us to try Thielbek (sour, mash whiskey, strawberries, egg white, and cane sugar.)

Blurry Bismarck
A giant bismarck?!?!?!

My favorite thing about this place is the music which, just like at Iron Fairies, is AWESOME! The live band is serious about their blues and don’t expect to hear many hotel lobby classics here. The singer walks around the restaurant to get the audience to participate in the singing while some expats swayed their bodies to the beat of the songs next to the bar. Apart from this band, I believe they have Thai singers serenading their guests during the weekdays also.

The only thing that was a little lacking about this place was the service, the first time I went everything was great. However, on our second visit, when my friend ordered Maker’s Mark, our server seemed a little confused. So we reconfirmed with her to make sure that she got it right and she said yes. But she managed to serve us Jack Daniels the first time and vodka the second. Then she went on to spill some water on us and broke a wine bottle at another table a little later on – the poor girl was probably new. But it’s all good; we understand that for a new restaurant, a couple of service glitches here and there are unavoidable. Plus, the music and the drinks more than made up for it. And we’ll definitely be back for more!

Bon Appétit!

Fat Gut’z Saloon

264 Thong-lor soi 12 sukhumvit 55, Bangkok 10110

Reservation and Food Delivery: 027149832

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Suphot V. says:

    ” Being MIA for a couple days ” sorry for my poor English what is
    MIA stand for. The Fat Gut’Z Saloon seems great,only it look so
    tiny and no breath to me. Anyhow does it’s too noisey with the blues
    if not I rather be there sometime. Thanks a lot for good information.

    1. M.I.A is missing in action ka..pretty much meaning that I disappeared for a whonile.
      Fat gut’z is definitely on the small side ka, but if u get a good spot it’s not packed to the point where you’ll have to rub shoulder with others ka.
      The music is pretty loud ka but ig u r a fan of blues it’s really worth a visit ka.

  2. lookpu says:

    m with you ka,
    i just had a chance to stop by Fat gut’z.
    i m in love with the place, so cozy and actually feel like i was in nyc.
    definitly i will be back again.
    hope to see you there ka.^_^

    1. haven’t been there in a while and meaning to go back as well ka =D

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