I just found out that my blog is being mentioned on Almost Bourdain! I’m beaming right now. =D

I visit this blog often for great recipes and would like to say that I’m so very honored and thankful! Please check out the blog HERE and the post HERE!

Bon Appetit!

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  1. Suphot V. says:

    Still wonder ” sousvide life ” stand for sweet life is’nt it.
    But I prefer to understand as สาววิถี life , a live the life of
    a unique girl.

    1. I chose “sous-vide” both because it’s a culinary term and as a play on word (although it’s not pronounced sweet but I think a lot of people would read it that way anyways) ka. But now, thanks to you, I have a third meaning. Kob kun na ka 🙂

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