Love (n.) : Desserts



Hi there,

What are your obsessions? Your weaknesses? Your heart desires? I’m afraid, for me, desserts is the appropriate answer for all of the previous question. I don’t think this entry would make my doc too happy, but I seriously live and breathe desserts. I wake up thinking about it, I spend my whole day baking it, and I go to sleep planning about having/ baking more of it the next day.

So, today, I’ve decided to share with you all some of the pictures of the desserts I had in Japan. Japan is like a sugarholic heaven. Especially because their style of patisserie is more suitable for my tastebuds. I’m all about light moussey cakes with dollops after dollops of whipped cream and mounds of freshest and juiciest fruits. And these cakes can be found every where in Japan. Even their convenient stores, my favorite is Lawson, has plenty of yummy desserts! I’m obsessed with trying out new HäagenDazs flavors every time I go to Japan like black sesame, sweet potato, or honey-flavored fresh milk – don’t they all just sound so delectable?

While others go to Japan to sample the best of the best of seafood. Fresh fish does not tickle my fancy. Not only does seeing live sea creatures in ice boxes waiting to be executed really bugs me morally, but having been completely psyched out by a food scientist friend about all these fish parasites that would start nesting in your eyes also puts me off sashimi. Instead, I opt for supermarkets! After wandering around the streets of Tokyo, nothing feel more comforting than to enter a department store and head down to their lowest floor, which is normally where all their foods are.

I take great pleasure in carefully inspecting each glass display, one by one. I analyze their packaging, I sample when they offer, and, after making a full round, I go back to select the desserts that really stuck in my head. Oh, I also take pictures of the ones that I like – some that I had tried and some that are still waiting for me to go back for them. And don’t you worry, I will definitely go back for them!

So let’s have a look at my kinda “love,” shall we?

Bon Appétit

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  1. Ja says:

    totally agree about sugarholic heaven, actually its food heaven 🙂

    I went to Japan 1 time but I was too young to enjoy the food there… wish I will have chance to go again ..

  2. Alex says:

    I am filled with jealousy after seeing all the mont blanc cakes, macarons, and boo…whatever boo is. I want boo.

    Consider the fat bitch request done…after I find a job. I hope it’s soon!! (Sigh.) You should start figuring out how to send chicken to me by mail. 🙂

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