What I’ve Been Eating


I have a confession to make, I’m having a major blogger’s blog today. I have plenty of things that I want to talk about, plenty of scrumptious pictures to share, and possibly some people waiting to ready a new entry (just a wishful thought,) but I can’t seem to put anything worth reading down in words.

So after staring at a blank word document for a good 15 minutes, I’ve decided to just write whatever. So right now you are reading my “whatever.”  So what should my whatever be about? I guess I want to let you guys know that, despite all these restaurant posts, I don’t eat out THAT much. I eat at least one meal at home a day. That’s my only method of trying to maintain my weight, I guess. Otherwise I would go completely crazy and start ballooning to the size of Lin Ping, the panda, and next thing I know, I would be the next contestant on the Biggest Loser Asia. So, eating one meal, which usually consists of either a HUMOUNGOUS portion of boiled veggies and “nam prik noom” or thai roasted green chilli salsa/ dip or a “som tum” (Thai papaya salad,) seems like a reasonable idea.

After having one healthy meal per day, I have the freedom to go all out and indulge in my “guilty” meal. I take a lot of pleasure in doing research online on good/ new/ recently renovated restaurants and planning my next meal out. I have a note on my blackberry titled “To eat BKK” which consists of a long list of restaurants that I want to eat. I try to go to at least one from the list each week. Once the mission is completed, I put “CHECKED” next to it. But since Bangkok’s restaurateurs have been pretty busy lately and restaurants are budding up like mushrooms left and right, my not-yet-visited list is growing exponentially larger and belittling my CHECKED list. What is a girl to do, but to eat more in this situation?!?

Having said that, last week was a little different, my schedule is becoming more and more packed and my dining plan is becoming more and more of a chaos – a pleasant chaos that is. Due to the lack of time to plan a proper dining schedule, I discovered some yummy restaurants, and I also discovered the joy of spontaneity. So here are some of the places that I discovered.

  • ต้นเครื่อง “ton kreung”

A Thai restaurant in Thonglor 13 that I’d seen and been ignoring for years. It turned out that they had a HUGE variety of delectable Thai dishes which were really yummy! The taste is not too spicy with a nice balance between sour, spicy, and sweet while remaining authentic. I believe it would be a really good place to take your foreign friends to sample Thai cuisine to adjust their taste buds a little bit before exposing them to our more spicy cuisines such as E-sarn or Southern food.


sala slushie
Spicy chicken soup ต้ทแซ่บไก่


Hor mok - fish in curry paste
Pork stuffed cabbage
หลนแหนม marinated pork saussage in coconut milk

  • เซ็งซิมอี๊ Seng Sim Eee”

Seng sim ee is a very famous little hole in the wall in Suan Luang market specializing in desserts on ice. You can choose from a large variety of toppings with anything from preserved fruits and flavored jellies to water chestnuts and grains. Once you select your desired toppings, you then choose the “sauce” that you like on top – syrup, longan juice, or coconut milk. Ooo YUMMILICIOUSNESS!

What do you want on ice?
Sarim and Tub Tim Krob
Condensed milk on buttered toast
เต้าทึง "Tao Teung"
รวมมิตร "Ruam mitr"

  • Sweet Hound

J Avenue has always been the favorite hangout spot of the young and the rich in Bangkok’s society. So it’s no surprise that it’s one of the many foodie havens in Bangkok. My new favorite discovery would be the red velvet waffle at Greyhound sweets. Having loved waffle all my life but not being a big fan of cupcakes, this waffle provide a perfect solution for my red velvet cravings. I especially love to enjoy it with an extra scoop of vanilla ice-cream. What could be more delectable than the contrast between hot freshly made waffles and a scoop of cold creamy ice-cream? Plus, the little chunks of cranberry inside the waffle add a nice kick to the otherwise predictable flavor. LOVE!

Cute interior
Isn't she gorgeous?
One more shot can't hurt!

Bon Appétit!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Suphot V. says:

    If u dont mind may i have your list ” To eat BKK ” in your BB
    i wanna know how it look like cause i have one of mine too like
    Gyu Gyu Tei , Dean & Deluca , Hyde & seek , Home fresh hydro farm ,
    Bouchot and etc.

    1. Sure ka:

      -divana home cuisine (heavenly tea set) soi 35 -nara, EIGHT -primavera, thonglor 027139583 -muse garden, soi ari 026195107 -puritan, ari -arthur steakhouse soi tonson, bliston -bouchot, oakwood residence 15 suk soi 24, 022585510 -al matum ekamai 12 -VT namneung pradit manutham rd. Behind palm st shopping near golden place super market 029356524 -good enuff to eat -greyhound sweets -up to Yuu -water library, cham churee square -WTF bar and gallery – thonglor 026626246 -il tartufo -Eat me, 20 m off conven rd.022380931 -Gedhawa northern food, soi 35 026620501 -China town: noodle on yaowarat in front of seiko watch -bamboo chic -top menu chinese food soi 24 _ _ _ _ _ _ -fat gutz, thonglor – CHECKED -korean bbq at EIGHT – CHECKED -Bibi by cheesecake house nihonmachi mall next to kvillage-CHECKED -melt me, thonglor 10-CHECKED -iron fairies-CHECKED -Hyde and seek-CHECKED -louk gai tong-CHECKED -sendai ramen, CHECKED -ISAO5 soi 31-CHECKED -korean bbq at EIGHT – CHECKED

  2. Suphot V. says:

    Many thanks I will copy some places in u list. By the way may I
    add one into your to do list , คั่วกลิ้ง ผักสด a very nice southern
    restaurant at the front of Sukumvit40 tel.02-3911855

    1. Thank you so much ka, คั่วกลิ้ง is one of my favorite dishes! The hotter the better! Will definitely try

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