Bulgogi Brothers 26

It’s no secret that I’m no die-hard carnivore. I can easily become a vegetarian (or “dessertarian,” more like.) However, once in a while I have an urgent urge to eat meat. Once I start craving the flavorful taste of beef, the craving does not go away until I satisfy my taste buds, and I often do that by indulging in Korean barbecue. And this time I went to kill the “I-must-eat-meat-right-now-fiasco” at the, recently opened, Bulgogi Brothers 26 at Nihonmachi, Sukhumvit 26.

I must admit that the only reason why I prefer Korean barbecue over Japanese barbecue is because I am obsessed with kimchi. I actually like Japanese beef much more. And since my last trip to Japan, where I had the best Korean BBQ at this one place that name I could not recall (I’ve been kicking myself for that.) The place was the best of both world. What could be better than extremely high quality Japanese beef prepared absolutely flavorfully the Korean-style. Since then, the bar for my Korean BBQ has been raised so high that nothing much could ever fully make my taste buds happy. yet, I was hopeful with the Bulgogi Brothers due to all the great reviews I read online.


First thing I noticed about the restaurant was the good ventilation system. As I entered the restaurant, i was not struck by strong beef odor, and I did not leave feeling like a walking piece of kalbi. (One gold star to you, Bulgogi Brothers.) The menu was not extensive yet they had everything you would expect from variety of meats and the typical dishes such as “bi bim bap” and “Kimchi Jigae.” After we ordered, I was excited to be greeted by a large variety of complimentary salads – three different kinds. All were fresh, tasty, and refreshing. Also, we were given four Korean side dishes. I wished there was more sesame oil in the bean sprouts and that the kimchi was a little  stronger in flavor, but that’s jut my Thai taste buds talking.

The food arrived quickly. As soon as we knew it, our table was completely packed with dishes. The carnivore in me was excited to see all these juicy meat in front of m and started grilling away immediately. The beef was of a good quality – we ordered the  everything was succulent, tender, and juicy. However, the sauces were too sweet for my liking, so it took a meal from excellent to great in my book. Please bear in mind though that I like REALLY spicy and flavorful food, so this is just my personal preference. The Korean expats sitting next to me seemed really happy with the food and thanked the servers profusely at the end of their meal and used the word “memorable” at least twice. So I’m assuming that the taste must be very traditional.

Although I went there for the beef, I was much happier with the other dishes that we ordered. The “kimchi jigae” or kimchi soup was delicious and came, literally, bubbling hot. The “bulgogi” was prepared table side on a separate grill. They gave us a choice of how we wanted our thinly sliced beef to be cooked – either on the grill at our table or at table side. They recommended table side since their special grill would preserve the flavorful juices from the beef that we could enjoy with rice later. And that dish did not disappoint. Another dish that was good with thedoobu kimchi bokeum” or fatty pork stir fried with kimchi. Check out the pictures at the end of the post and see for yourself!

One last thing that i must mention about this place is the great service. Everything was promptly delivered. When we asked for extra side dishes, the happily brought us more immediately. The servers were extremely nice and handled our hectic table well. So that’s another gold star in my book. Although this may not be my new favorite Korean barbecue place in Bangkok, I left with my inner carnivore satisfied and would happily go back for another meal there!

Bon Appétit!


Bulgogi Brothers 26

Shop 112, Nihonmachi Plaza,

115 Sukhumvit 26 Road, Klong Toey

Bangkok, Thailand, 10110


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  1. Lim says:

    Dear customer

    Hello. I am Lim, the owner of Bulgogi Brothers 26.
    Thank you so much for your excellent comment on my restaurant!
    I do my best to provide customer with original Korean food & good service in modern style.
    By the way, I would just like to let you know that my restsurant “Bulgogi Brothers 26” is not the same chain which you mentioned. My restaurant is my own brand..! 🙂
    Every food at Bulgogi Brothers 26 is cooked by me.
    Anyway I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed my food! Hope to see you soon again!
    Thank you!

    1. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, will correct the info! Thanks

      1. Lim says:

        Thank you so much for your help na krub! 🙂

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