The 11th Annual World Gourmet Festival


So, who’s excited for the 11th Annual World Gourmet Festival? I know I am! For those of you who may not have heard of this awesome festival, the Four Seasons Hotel hosts the Annual World Gourmet Festival each year, where some of the best and world-renowned chefs from across the globe come together to cook mouthwatering meals for us for one whole week! No need to splurge on a plane ticket now that award-winning meals are just a BTS ride away!

Below you can find the exciting list of  this year’s chefs (credit: Four Seasons Bangkok)

  • Daniel Chambon, Le Pont de L’Ouysse, France (one Michelin Star)
  • Anthony Demetre, Wild Honey and Arbutus restaurants, London, UK (each awarded one Michelin Star)
  • Alejandro Digilio, La Vineria De Gualterio Bolivar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Gale Gand, TRU, Chicago, USA
  • Douglas Keane, Cyrus Restaurant, California, USA (awarded two Michelin Stars)
  • Alvin Leung, Bo Innovation, Hong Kong (awarded one Michelin Star)
  • Brent Savage, Bentley Restaurant and Bar, Sydney, Australia
  • Matteo Vigotti, Ristorante Novecento, Meina, Italy (awarded one Michelin Star)
  • Chandler Burr, Perfume Critic, New York Times, and organizer of “Scent Dinners”

According to the Four Seasons’ website:

“Each guest chef will host two evenings in one of the Hotel’s restaurants, with the exception of Chef Gale Gand, who will host three afternoon teas in the Lobby Lounge. Chandler Burr, Perfume Critic for the New York Times, will host a special “Scent Dinner,” an olfactory dining journey combining flavours and fragrances.” CLICK for more information.

So, after reading that list, I had a very difficult choice to make – which one to attend? All the participants seem absolutely awesome in their own unique way, what is a girl to do? After doing some research on each chef and spending some time rationalizing, I came to the conclusion that since I already went to an afternoon tea last year and I can always go to “Bo Innovation” in HK, I might as well go for the one that seems to be the most out of the box and that’s the “Scent Dinner with Chandler Burr.”

According to Chandler Burr’s website:

“Scent Dinners are the combination of fine dining with a stimulating interactive master class in scent & perfume, two parallel dinners, one olfactory and invisible, the other gustatory and edible…A Scent Dinner is the intersection of fragrance and fine dining.”

Doesn’t that just sound like complete and utter awesomeness? I’m always overly excited for something that’s so new to me that I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like, and this is exactly that – new and unforeseeable.

In case some of you are deciding whether or not to go, I would love to just tempt you with some mouthwatering pictures from last year’s afternoon tea by François Payard. (There were many more dishes that pictured here but since I did not write a blog then, I spent more time concentrating on eating that capturing the moment.)

Bon Appétit!

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  1. Suphot V. says:

    I have an occasion to celebrate retirement on Sept.23 but unfortunately this gourmet festival is not matching. I am now looking forward to going to Normandi grille or Hyde & Seek or elsewhere. Can u u have any idea.

    1. I believe it depends on the kind of meal that you want na ka. I would recommend hyde and seek for drinks but not for food ka. I haven’t been to Le Normandie Grill, but since it’s known to be the best of the best, it must have good food and excellent service ka. I’m going to “the water library” tonight. I will post a review just in case it gives you another option na ka.

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