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For those of you who follow my blog, you would probably know that I’m a big fan of wines. I took a very interesting wine class in college where I got to taste wines from all over the world while learning all about them starting from viticulture processes, effects of geography, fermentation steps, wine laws, and most importantly the taste characteristics. It was probably one of the best classes I took at Cornell. However, I’m wine snob. I have much much more to learn about wines and a long long way to go before I get to indulge in top-notch wines on a regular basis.

When I returned to Thailand, I was pretty sad that I might not get to indulge in wine as often as I would like given that beer and whiskey seem to be more of the norm here in Thailand. I thought that most of the young people here view wines as inaccessible, expensive, and somewhat snobbish and out of their comfort zone. I thought a night out with a group of college friends would likely end up at a bar with a bucket full of ice, a table full of sodas, and an opened bottle of Red Label (or Black if you are lucky.) Although I have nothing against Black and soda, my liver does not seem to like it very much; so I was extremely happy to find a place that offers a large variety of wines at a very reasonable price. I was even more thrilled to realize the extreme popularity of Wine Connection Deli & Bistro amongst the young Thai hipster crowd. Maybe, a night out with my friends will no longer have to be so damaging to my internal organs anymore!

The bustling atmosphere

After having dinner somewhere else at K.Village, I usually drop by for a glass of wine at Wine Connection before I head home. They offer wine by the glass at a very good price point of 100-140 baht! You can rarely find a price like that in Bangkok anymore for decent wines!  Six different wines were being offered by the glass – 3 reds, 2 whites, and one bubbly. Not all of them were to my liking, but for that price they are very decent.

After having been to the place a couple of times just for drinks, I decided to go there for dinner with 10 of my friends. Like any popular new places in Bangkok, the restaurant requires advance booking a couple of days in advance, especially for a big table like mine. At dinner, we decided to pick out a couple bottles of wine for our table. The nice thing about this place is, it’s right next to their wine shop, where you can just go pick out your bottle of vino from their large selection of imported wines at wholesale prices. – you can find wines from 400 baht upwards. The guy at the store was very nice and pretty knowledgeable about the wines, he recommended us a bottle of white wine that was very aromatic with scent of ripe tropical fruits, yet the taste is not to sweet – just clean and refreshing. Everyone at our table enjoyed it.


A page off of the wine list


The wine shop

For the meal, we decided to go for the assorted cheeses, cold cut, and bread baskets. You could choose from the pre-selected option or you could customize your own by ticking the long list of cheese and cold cuts that’s given with the menu. The cheeses are sold in 100 g. portion upwards. Also, a decent selection of olives and marinated artichokes and sundried tomatoes were offered as well. My favorite was the almond stuffed olives.


The pre-selected platters


Decision, decision


Bread, anyone?


Blurry shot of my platter - brie, herbed goat cheese, and blue cheese


Pre-selected cold cuts platter

The food here is European-style basics. Nothing too fancy about the food, yet there’s a good enough selection to please everyone. Our table decided to order many dishes for the table and ate Thai-style. I believe the food here was just ordinary -nothing extremely memorable yet nothing to complain either. Everyone had a great time and had nothing to complain. However, next time I would probably just go back to have some wines and cheeses instead.

Please take a look at more of the food below:


Grilled vegetables salad






Lamb chops!
A little imbalanced, no?


Pesto pasta - can't go wrong here


Salmon with mashed potatoes and garlic spinach
Butterscotch mousse



warm apple crumble with vanilla ice-cream


Creme Brulee - the ratio between the cream and sugar was off and the sugar was too thick

Bon Appétit!
Wine Connection Deli & Bistro

K Village, Sukhumvit 26

Tel: (02)661-3942

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Suphot V. says:

    It is a wonderful place to see and to be seen at a bargaining price.
    What boring me is the other customers eagerly waiting for our table
    make me feel lack of privacy. So far this is a nice place to sit and watch people as time goes by. May be I am too old not like ya.

    Looking forward to reading your article on Water Library. Do not
    miss the French ครัวซอง there , very nice indeed.

    1. Didn’t go there in the end ka. Will have to try the croissant next time!

  2. What a great place. Nice review 🙂

      1. Oops, I pressed submit by accident. Was gonna say that I wish there are many more places like this around in Thailand. It’s nice to see more and more people drinking wine but the line at this place is crazy! =)

  3. James says:

    I have been looking for a place just like this, i cant wait to try it out with my girlfriend!
    James from england, now living in bangkok.

    1. I heard there’s also another place on Thonglor called Primavera; I haven’t checked it out yet but will blog about it as soon as I get a chance. In the mean time, pls lemme know how you like Wine connection.

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