September “10+1”

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At the beginning of this week, I told myself that I would go on a diet and be good for the rest of the week to prepare for my upcoming “Scent Dinner” that I blogged about HERE. However, unsurprisingly, I haven’t been sticking with that original plan. My eating fiasco started off On Monday when I made a last minute decision that I wanted to go grab a drink at Hyde & Seek. I will not discuss the place in much detail since I already reviewed it HERE, but you know I must love their drinks since I’ve been there countless of times.

I was lucky enough to secure a table at the very last minute since the restaurant was busy as usual. As I sat down, determined to have just one quick cocktail before heading home. The nice server came to our table to inform us that they will be introducing September’s “10+1” at 8 PM! For those of you who may not be familiar with H&S, the 10+1 is their monthly cocktail list in addition to their main drinks menu. Each month the restaurant introduces 10 creative cocktails with interesting names such as “Shompoo” and “Tame the Prunani.” and one winner cocktail from last month’s list, hence the name 10+1.  It was only 7.15, so we decided to order 2 cocktails from the old menu instead, thinking that we would come back to try the new ones next time. The first one we order was our favorite, “Wanasiri spritzer,” and the second one was “Gummy Bib” The second drink is very girlie with a hint of orange and sweetness from candy syrup and freshness from the watermelon and lemon juice. It came with a cola-flavored lolly which I thought was very cute and creative.

My wanasiri being made

Gummy Bib


One of my favorite aspects of grabbing a drink at Hyde & Seek is being there. True, it’s a great place to people watch, to go see the “it” crowd of Bangkok, and to be seen, but that’s not what I’m talking about. What I’m trying to say is that this place has some kind of energy, some kind of dynamic that make the experience of being there enjoyable; for example, the bartenders whip up their cocktails as though a wizard making his secret potion in a cauldron – so many ingredients, some creative, some unimaginable, are added into just one drink. The more you watch them at work, the more you want to take a sip. Another important aspect that makes this place stand out is the level of service and their employees’ knowledge. So many times I find myself at a new “it” place that pride themselves on their drink list or their wines, but yet their employees know nothing about their products. Here, the servers are willing and able to help us navigate through their drink list while making good recommendations. Also, for a place that packed, they are doing a great job at remaining nice, calm, and available to assist their guests. Well done!

(On a side note, while I was writing this post I could not find where I wrote down all the names of the cocktails. I decided to call up the restaurant to ask them and got to speak with “Khun Tor.” He was very sweet and gave me all the names of the cocktails and explained every single one in details. He listed out all the ingredients for me and proceeded to explain what each one did to the taste of the drink, which was very helpful. Thank you ka!

So back to the drinks, by now you would probably have predicted that my night did not end after those two drinks. As 8 PM approached, the server came back to our table with the new 10+1 and with a big grin on her face. So we could not resist taking a peak at the September’s menu. The Gummy Bib I had earlier became this month’s winner, which made me feel pretty good about my choice. After an enjoyable read through the always-creative list, we automatically scratched our initial plan of going home early and ordered ourselves a second round. This time we ordered “Pump it up” a fresh watermelon-based cocktail with gin, parfait amour, syrup, pink guava juice- shaken and served in a soap dispenser that allows you to pump the concoction into your rose-petals-topped glass. How cute is that? My boyfriend though it tasted like soap, I thought it was refreshing; yet for a watermelon cocktail, Wannasiri Spritzer is still my all time favorite.

Pump it up

How cute =)
The petals added a nice girlie touch

My boyfriend chose to order what the server recommended which is “Movie Night @ Hyde.” This was probably the most interesting cocktail we’ve ever tasted. It’s made with house made popcorn-infused vodka, yes you read that right, lemon syrup and lemon juice. It came accompanied by two cola gummies to complete the movie night experience. Isn’t that just funky (in a good way!)

Check out the little cola bottles!

21/09/10 Another Update

I went back for a dinner at Hyde & Seek and here are some pictures of the food.

The Waldorf salad is my favorite out of them all. My sister is a huge fan of the baby back ribs with toasted chilis and chocolate glaze though.

For the drinks, this time we tried “Pearks” and “What’s the dill.” Pearks is served martini-style; it’s refreshing with Chinese pear in it. What’s the dill, on the other hand, was not so appetizing for me because the dill overpowers everything.

Here are some pictures:

Bon Appétit!

Hyde & Seek Gastro Bar

65/1 Athenee Residence,

Soi Ruamrudee, Wireless Road,

Ploenchit, Pathumwan 10330

Tel 02-16851523

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  1. Tor says:

    i’m glad you enjoyed our drinks and services.
    thank you krab 🙂

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