A Food Collage

Hi there,

Today’s blog is going to be a little different since some of you seem to wonder about what I eat on a daily basis. I would like to post this entry to give you a glimpse on my little weekly culinary adventures. By all means do I eat out every single day or every single meal. Like I previously mentioned, I’m actually pretty weight-conscious and I insist on getting at least one “healthy meal” a day. The meat lovers out there may squirm at the sight of my healthy meal which, most of the time, consists of a big bowl of assorted veggies – asparagus, brussel sprouts, pumpkins, tomatoes, carrots -you name it. (I try to get as many colors in as possible.) And I often enjoy this bowl of natural multi-vitamins with either balsamic vinegar or Thai-style grounded chili paste (Naam-Prik) – Some says eww, I say yummmm!

So apart from that boring stuff, the pictures below pretty much sum up my last 10 days, please enjoy!

Restaurants List:

  1. Lim Lao Ngo/ Meng Moo satay – Song wadd rd. @ China Town/ Yaowarat
  2. Minibar Royale – Sukhumvit 23
  3. Himali Cha Cha – Sukhumvit 31, Soi Convent, Surawong Rd.
  4. Crystal Jade – Siam Paragon. Erawan, Sukhumvit 39
  5. Bankara Ramen – The Manor, Sukhumvit 39

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Alex says:

    i am salivating.

  2. Yui says:

    Enjoy reading your blog. Keep writing!

  3. O-B-1 says:

    Fish ball noodles there rock!

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