Brunch Time


Yes, yes, I know that I’ve been really bad at updating my beloved blog in the past 2 weeks. I was so caught up preparing for my practical exam at Le Cordon Bleu that I was baking to 2 am every single night due to my sheer panic of failing. But all is well since I PASSED! Yayyyyyy! Yippeeee! Hooray!

But don’t you worry, although I was bad at blogging I made up for it (hopefully?) by eating nonstop in these past 10 days. I pretty much hid the scale under the sink out of the fear of stepping on it and getting the biggest shock of my life. Now I understand what stress-eating is all about. I swear I was more worried about this baking exam that I was about my Real Estate exam at Cornell.

Enough with my excuses, on with the food. So, one of my favorite things about living in the States was brunch. I have a slight obsession with breakfast food. Or to put it simply- carb and dairy. Since I moved back to Bangkok, I’d been having a hard time finding a “true” brunch spot. You know those places with giant portions of waffles, sizzling corned beef hash, and mounds of eggs? My search ended at the cute-ly named restaurant “The Horse Says Moo.” And, boy, wasn’t I a happy bunny!

I found out about this little restaurant on Soi 33 through facebook. And after a torturing flick through their yummilicious pictures of breakfast food. I HAD to go! So yesterday, I woke up early and persuaded my whole family to come with me, and by persuading I meant I just had to mention the word “brunch” and they were in since they are brunch-fanatics just like me. I guess carb-and-dairy-holism is genetically predisposed.

cute name

After we entered the small, yet nicely decorated restaurant. We were greeted by a family-oriented crown. With young parents and four little children running around with waffles in their hands. I love children so i found that really cute and heart-warming. But it might not be suitable if you want to spend a quiet morning sipping on your cappuccino. (But mind you, it might just be a one of thing.)

After having a very hard time deciding on what to order since everything sounded delicious on the menu. We decided to order our family-style aka “WAY TOO MUCH.” My two absolute favorite dishes were the waffle, that came hot with a crispy crust on the outside and soft pillowey center and the hearty crispy corned beef hash that went perfectly with Tabasco. The dishes hit just the right spot and completely satisfied my brunch craving. All the other dishes were delicious too. After being less than satisfied with my toad-in-a-hole at another restaurant. I was very pleased with the dish that I got here. The Yorkshire pudding was buttery yet not mushy and they opted for flavorful Italian sausage instead of the plain ones. And the dish is flavored with rosemary, my favorite herb. What’s not to like? My family also enjoyed the crab cake salad which came with a generous portion and enough crab to taste like a crab cake.

warm and crunchy waffle with soft centers - perfection
My favorite - hearty hash
Toad in a hole
zoomed version

One thing to mention about this restaurant is the speed. They are pretty slow and the dishes did not arrive at the same time for us. With the last dish arriving almost 20 minutes after. But, in their defense, they have a very small kitchen and the food made up for it. All in all, we will definitely go back to The Horse Says Moo since it is now our new (and only) favorite brunch spot in Bangkok.

Bon Appétit!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Suphot V. says:

    Glad to read your article again after 2 weeks missing.Congratulation
    for passing the bake exam . The horses say moo is one of my target
    to visit and after reading & seeing pictures I have to be there soon.
    The resturant belong to 4 partners , 2 borned in horse year and the others borned in pig as far as I read in book , very lovely is’nt it.

    1. Thank you so much for the info ka 🙂 I’m glad to be back writing too ka, wanted to write so bad but couldn’t before.

  2. prin says:

    hooray for a splendid foodie blog for bkk! love ur reviews – such irresistible food & so much humor 🙂
    i dont think there’s anything i like quite as much as a hearty brunch n fun, fruity cocktails! this place is going on my list for sure!
    keep up the good work n congrats on ur cordon bleu exam!

  3. breakfast foods should always be high in carbohydrates to provide the energy you need in the mornign`

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