¡Hola! Barcelona Day 2 Continues


I’m back to tell you more about day 2! So let’s not waste anymore time and continue on with the Spain soiree (it’s fashion week in Thailand and I’m excitedly hopping around from one show to another and fashion clock ticks a little faster, don’t you think?)

As we got back from Sant Sadurni, we were rather hungry. So we wandered around the hotel in search of an opened restaurant. As we walked through the narrow street of Barcelona, we stumbled upon an open Placa with a beautiful church adorned with stained-glass. In the middle was a tiny flee market selling homemade goods. The things that caught my eye the most were the confectioneries -dozens of tiny bottled filled with honey infused with exciting flavors such as lime and lavender, rows after rows of cheeses for us to sample, and olive oils with all sorts of colors and aromas. So we wandered happily from stall to stall. As soon as we knew it, it was passed dusk and our rumbling tummies started to complain.

So we headed towards the restaurant street and found ourselves at Taller de Tapas, a chain specializing in, well surprise surprise, TAPAS. (No, I’m not a sarcastic person at all!) This restaurant was recommended to us by the receptionist at our hotel. Although it’s a chain, it’s surprisingly not filled with tourists since most patrons at the tables around us seemed to be locals. We were seated at a table outside. The atmosphere was perfect with a little breeze in the air, a three-member band serenading us, and a beautiful church as a backdrop. To make the meal even better, we were presented with an English menu for the first time! it was a welcomed change to be able to tell what we were eating! All the dishes were a little bigger than the typical tapas size and we ended up ordering more than we could finish (as usual.) But everything tasted great and we left full and happy. I’ll explain a little more about the dishes in the caption.

Bon Appétit!

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  1. PiNG says:

    ว้าว พี่นิดาไปกี่วันอะคะ??

    1. Almost 10 days ja ping 🙂

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