Hong Kong Day 2

Hello hello!

As promised, I’m back to tell you more about my HK trip! But before I get started, i would like to tell all you lovely readers about an interesting, or so I hope, event that’s happening today – Martha’s Stewart Farmer’s Market!!!! I’ve been a big fan of her show since forever, sometimes I find her utterly ridiculous, sometimes comical, but almost always extremely knowledgeable in terms of cooking and crafts + a true “domestic goddess” or should I say domesticated goddess considering her previous house arrest? Anyways, I’m going to go check this event that’s organized by Martha’s Living magazine out today and will let you all know about it.

Hong Kong day two is a little more exciting in my opinion. It started off with Congee and fried dough for breakfast as usual. Then for lunch, we were planning to go eat at The Sweet Dynasty since it’s super close to where we were shopping and I adore their mango pudding. Lunch time came around,as we tried to squeeze our way through to the restaurant. We came across a place that looked similar to Sweet Dynasty, with a long line outside. My dad immediately joined the line, thinking that it must be our usual place while my mom and I was too busy trying to not get knocked off the sidewalks by all the tourists. As we stepped into the restaurant after lining up for about 10 minutes, we immediately realized that we were at the wrong place. We were at a place called Taiwan Beef Noodle!!! After feeling totally ridiculous for a minute or two, our hunger took over and we decided to just eat here since it looked promising considering the amount of people in there. Sadly, the food was not too our liking. i found everything to be too oily and salty, without much of a taste to it.


Beef noodle soup - again, salty

Ma po tofu - salty


Luckily my dear friend, who is working in HK and loves food just as much as I do saved our lost souls for dinner. She suggested that we should eat at Alfie’s by Kee, a partnership between Alfred Dunhill and KEE private members club that served up traditional gastro-pub-style-English dishes. It’s also voted to be CNNGO’s best new restaurant for 2011! Sounds pretty good already, don’t you think? And as expected, the food, the ambiance, the service did not let us down.

Maybe it’s the ex-British boarding school girl in me that was extremely excited, but I felt a sense of comfort while savoring each and everyone of their dishes. Since we went before X’mas, and the weather was actually pretty chilly. We immediately felt the holiday warmth when the waitress brought each of us a complimentary class of mulled wine. Then dishes after dishes of a more gourmet version of my boarding school food was brought out one by one -from extremely crispy fish and chips with mushy peas to flavorful cottage pie, to the fulfilling bangers and mash. Everything was so yummy and we were all left smiling, stuffed, and satisfied.


REALLY good fish and chips!



roast pork belly and crackling - very crispy on the outside, tender on the inside
Cottage pie - epitomy of my school food
Devon pork bangers and mash - one of my favorite


And some of you might be thinking, what? She did not order dessert??!? Fear not, we walked upstair to another fabulous place in the same building called Sevva. Sevva is another popular spot famous for their brunch, afternoon tea, and of course their alfresco bar. I immediately fell in love with this place as soon as I stepped inside. the ambiance was my idea of a perfect living room – large comfy couches with too many cushions and dim lightnings. The alfresco area also did not disappoint, with a killer view of its own, especially at the holiday time where the giant Swarovski X’mas tree is right below.


The cozy indoor seatings




Swarovski X'mas tree


The view from Sevva


The drink list was also very extensive, with lots and lots of yummy-sounding cocktails to choose from. I’m a sucker for any bubbly-based cocktails, and they had plenty to choose from. What’s not to love? Also, we ordered some desserts to share. The original crunch cake is their famous dessert. And the crunchy caramelly goodness was rather addictive, thus, very dangerous for the waistline. But, hey, that’s not something I should be thinking about considered the slew of yummy, but extremely fatty, things I’d been indulging in all day. One more bite couldn’t hurt, right?

Bon Appétit!

Alfie’s By Kee

Alfred Dunhill,

Mezzanine Floor, Prince’s Building,

10 Chater Rd. +852 2530 4422


25/F, Prince’s Building

10 Chater Road, +852537 1388

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