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  1. I’m with you…am so OVER outrageous menu pricing. Many restaurants in Phuket are guilty of this. Most times the kitchen and service are not able to deliver an excellent standard, yet the menu is priced like it is a top restaurant in Paris or NYC! I have had many superlative meals, including degustation with wine pairing, at Daniel, Jean Georges & Le Cirque and have never spent $700 USD per couple.



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    1. I feel like the hefty price tag is almost purely for the killer view they have. Although if people are just going for the view, I think “Breeze” in the same building has tables with a little private balcony area with a better view, which is why I’ve never had a meal at Sirocco before.

  2. riya says:

    Sirocco is over-rated.

  3. Pang says:

    Heard that the food isn’t that good.

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