Sweets for Your Sweetie

Dear all,
As you all know, Valentines Day is fast approaching. It does not matter if you see it as the day of love or an official SAD (single awareness day,) everyone still needs some sweetness to brighten up our days. And what source of sweetness could be more satisfying and reliable like that from deliciously scrumptious desserts. Unlike a significant other, desserts do not break up with you, they do not cheat on you, and they do not ask for anything in return! (Mind you, this is coming from someone who’s happily in love.)

You guys are probably bored of me raving about “Martha Stewart’s Living” already. But I highly recommend this issue if you are looking for cute Valentine’s Day baking idea. This super easy hot chocolate is elevated to a whole new level with just a simple marshmallow decoration. The heart cut out is one of those simple finishing touches that takes a few seconds to execute but can impress and, hopefully, melt anyone’s heart (just like the marshmallow heart melts into the hot chocolate.)

This is just one of the many many cute ideas in the magazine. So hurry up and get yourself an issue. Do not get the wrong idea though, I’m not affiliated with it in any way. I’m just a big fan. Also, I believe in the magic of baking and the age old saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. 🙂 Even if you are not even remotely eyeing anyone, who said that the day of love is only for one kind of love. Why not spread your “sweetness” to anyone you love and make their world pink for a day.

Bon Appétit!

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