Lady’s Night

Hi there,
For those of you looking for a place to hangout on Thursday night, may I suggest a good promotion from Dusit’s “My Bar?”

Every Thursday from 7-9 pm, the drinks are free for the ladies! Anything from whiskey, cocktails, wines, bubbly, to juice are on the house. (Check out the attached menu.) What about the gents, you may ask. It’s 500++ all inclusive for the same time span, which I think is still a pretty good steal. For me it’s super convenient because I’m always at
Le Cordon Bleu, which is, literally, 2 seconds away, and my class ends at 7! Ha. I have to admit that the bar had never crossed my mind before as a place to hangout. It’s normally pretty empty and dead. But now it’s picking up and the drinks are alright. The music could still do with some improvements, the songs are rather “Millennium Top 100.” But, it still has a good standard, considering it’s a Hotel bar afterall. And free drinks, who could resist!

Bon Appétit!

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