Mobile Update: Cute Japanese Goodies

Hi there,
I found this little spot I once ate at in Japan today at Siam Paragon called “Marvelous Cream”. They have the cutest way of displaying their desserts. I remember their waffles being pretty good in Japan; although I secretly wished that somehow the waffle could be served hot out of the waffle maker with those yummy filling on top instead! Here, they seem to have the most creative and exotic-sounding fillings such as fully ripened pineapple with cream cheese and hokaido caramel with rich cream, which sound so divine and I can’t wait to get home and try.

I also got a taste of their cream cheese ice cream which I thought was pretty rich, creamy, and yummy as well. All in all I’m the most impressed with the over the top Japanese-style displayed though! Love it ❤

Update 2: I came home and tried the mont blanc ice cream. It was delicious. For those ice-cream lovers that like a little something something in their icy delight, I think you’d enjoy the different flavors and layers in the ice-cream. The mont blanc one has a sweet chestnut on top then a layer of Italian chestnut cream, custard ice-cream, sponge cake, and then Italian chestnut ice-cream. Their “heavenly compote waffles” on the other hand was still a little bit too dried for me. I tried the chocolate chip, which was the most recommended and thought it was just ok. I also attached a menu for you guys to see.

Bon Appetit!

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