Lord Jim’s

Hi there,

I’m about to head out but I thought I’d just drop by to share some pictures from a recent lunch at Lord Jim’s at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. I’m sure a lot of you know this place, but for those of you who don’t, Lord Jim’s has one of the most famous international buffets in Bangkok; and in my opinion, the best. When I say the best, I don’t mean in one particular category such as the biggest selection of food or the freshest seafood, but I think it’s the best overall. For seafood lovers, I think Fifty Five at Centara Grand is probably a more satisfying choice and for variety JW Marriott probably has a little more selection. But for me, I’m a big fan of eating a little of everything and this place offers a great variety of dishes, all using top quality ingredients. And it does not hurt that it offers world-class service with a killer view of the Chao Praya river.

And I have to say, I love LOVE love their caramel custard. I don’t know what they put in there to make it so silky, but it’s definitely the best I’ve had. Also, their macarons are better than the ones I can find anywhere else in Thailand. And you know how I feel about macarons. =)

Lastly, I just want to note that we went really late on that day so some of the dishes might not look as plentiful as it normally is at Lord Jim’s because it’s almost at their closing time. So, if you go, you could expect to find a more replenished selection.

Enjoy the pictures and Bon Appétit!

Lord Jim’s

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

66 (2) 659 9000 Ext. 7680-1

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  1. p says:

    big fan of ur blog!
    i’ve been meaning to take my mom for a weekend brunch here for a while now but i’m just wondering how much is it pax?

    1. The net price on mon-sat is 1472 baht and on sun, it’s 1943 since it’s opened for a longger period of time ( 11-3 pm) with more food also. Hope that helps and thanks for reading my blog! 😀

      1. p says:

        thanks a lot! that really helps!
        pls keep up the good work – i’m an avid reader! x

      2. p says:

        btw.. as a food blog fan, wanted to recommend this one to u:

        i mean, not the most exciting of blogs since they cover all the “hot” places.. n perhaps a little lacking in descriptions but i appreciate the quick comments on overall taste/atmosphere/promotions (like the kind of stuff u’d hear from friends) not to mention killer pictures!

      3. Thank you for the suggestion ka. It’s nice! It reminds me of one of my favorite site to visit: tastespotting.com. Have you seen it before? I think you’ll like it also 🙂

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