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I have something to confess…no, I did not eat my own weight of ice-cream (at least not yet;) but I’ve been bad. I’ve been lazy! Right now on my laptop, there’s a word document opened. And inside this word document lays a long list of places I ate at since 2011 started that I have not shared with you all yet. This is like a guilt list, just staring at it makes me feel guilty and actually want to go ahead and eat my own weight of a good tub of frozen goodness. School is making it hard to blog regularly. But that’s no excuse. So I just want to take this time to apologize to you all again for the rate at which I’m updating this blog.

To somewhat make up for it, I’m giving you all a detailed account of a restaurant today, which I haven’t done for a while since I’m not so good with describing flavors and aromas. My variety of vocabulary used to discribe my senses could use some help since it is extremely difficult for me to not sound like a broken record and repeat the word delicious every two words. But my lovely readers sure deserve a good solid entry, so here goes…..Let’s hear about my Valentine’s dinner at the Water Library shall we?

I’d been hearing a lot of great things about this place for SO long  but some how I never got around to actually visiting the place until Valentine’s of this year. I actually celebrated the day of love on the 13th this year since I was busy on the actual day. So finally the occasion for me to visit this restaurant came! Yet, I was hesitant at first about what to wear to dinner since although from the pictures I saw on others’ reviews, the place looked really nice, the restaurant is still at Charmchuri Square – an after school hangout spot frequent by highschoolers and college students. But I was glad that I decided to dress up since the restaurant did a nice job in creating a pleasant ambiance that totally separates it from the chaos of raging teenage hormones outside.

The first thing I kept hearing about this place is the water menu. This place is serious about their waters, deaming them worthy of their own list, just like wines. Although I did not taste much of a difference in the award-winning water that was chosen for us and a bottle of Evian would do me just fine. I thought it was still a fun change. The second famous thing about this place would probably be their croissant, that’s served warm along with the bread basket. And this little bite sure does pack a nice buttery punch. Now I understand why the restaurant took the trouble to import this little guy from France – the buttery scent, the flakey outside, and the warm moisten center sure gets your stomach rumbling.

As we proceeded to order our food, our server politely asked us if we wanted the apple tart for our dessert since it required 45 minutes to bake.With me being a sucker for all things warm and freshly baked, needless to say that we ordered it without even thinking.

As the server poured us our celebratory glass of Moët Rosé, the first dish we ordered arrived. It was the very fragrant crispy tofu with sauteed japanese mushroom, foie gras-shitake emulsion. It was a nice marriage of flavors and textures with the mild tofu that provided some crispiness and the hearty emulsion that packed a lot of flavor from the foie gras. I loved it.

Cheers! Happy Valentine's day


For the main courses I had the Australian tenderloin with blue cheese gnocchi, beef jus, and yuzu kosho. The beef was flavorful but a little too cooked for a medium rare. My boyfriend really enjoyed the kurobuta pork tenderloin with sweet potato gnocchi and caramelized jus he ordered, and I actually enjoyed his dish more also. The pork was very moist and the caramelized jus complimented it really well.


Australian tenderloin

The star of the night, though, had to be the dessert, the warm tart tartin. After we finished out main course, we had to wait another 10 minute or so for the apple tart we ordered at the beginning to arrive. But every bite was oh-so-worth-the wait. It was a warm, crispy, caramel-ly piece of heaven. Not only was the aroma of freshly baked pastry and apple was so divine, but the flakiness of the tart shell itself also complimented the juicy caramelized apples really well. I died for a good 5 minutes after the first bite.

All in all it was a memorable valentine’s day dinner and I’ll be back for more delicious tart tartin for sure!

Bon Appétit!

The Water Library

Chamchury Square, Unit 217, 2nd fl

Payathai Rd, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

Tel 0-2160-5188

Open Daily 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

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