White Cafe

Hi there,

After a bunch of posts on various international restaurants, I’m sure you guys are getting bored of truffles, foie gras, and other sorts of caloric overload. So this time, I’m going to shake things up a bit and talk about a (somewhat) Thai restaurant – White Cafe. As a restaurant owned by a famous Catering company (by the same name,) naturally, I had the highest of expectations for great tasting dishes that are creatively and tastefully displayed.I am happy to say that my expectations were met!

The first thing I noticed about this small Thonglor restaurant is its pretty decor. I have a thing for open kitchens and high ceilings, and White Cafe offers both! And that, my friend, is a double whammy in my book of first impressions. (yes, I just made that up..) The restaurant is an organized chaos with all sorts of eclectic items on display from old records to books to little plastic figurines. Large tables with proper seating are mixed with lower, more loungey sofas. We were seated at the sofas, and although it was comfortable and suitable for chilling, it’s proven to be a pain for eating.

The only negative thing I had to say about this place was the server, whom was willing but unable to deliver us a smooth service. Maybe he was new, maybe he was confused, but he messed up almost all our orders and things had to be repeated at least twice numerous times. But, hey, as long as there was a smile on his face and he was willing to correct himself promptly, all is good.

Now let’s talk about the food, shall we? The menu is eclectic with a nice mix between thai favorites and more “exotic” dishes – both not so common traditional Thai dishes such as “raw shrimp with bitter gourd salad” and more fusion-style dishes such as “tamarind salmon steak marinated in fish sauce, pan fried, and served with cucumber relish.” They also have the Western menu which has anything from grilled scallop and rocket salad and calamari.

My friends and I ordered a bunch of dishes to share, everything was delicious – not only were the dishes flavorful, the food was also nicely presented.

สปาเกตตีซาลามี่ พริกหวาน โรยหน้าด้วยชีส และไข่ปลาแซลมอน Spagetti with Salami, bell peppers, salmon roe


ลาบแซลม่อน Spicy Salmon Salad



ข้าวทอดแหนมสด Salad of minced pork crispy rice and Thai herb dressing


ข้าวผัดเนื้อเค็ม Deep fried sun dried Thai Salted beef fried rice


อกเป็ดย่างจิ้มแจ่ว Grilled Duck Breast in fish sauce and dried chilli relish


ต้มยำกุ้ง Tom Yam Goong


เครมบรูเล่ Creme Brulee

Bon Appétit!

White Cafe

988/5  1fl Noble Solo Condo

Thonglor, KlongTan

Wattana, Bangkok 10110

Tel 0-2714-7623,08-6023-8881

4 Comments Add yours

  1. riya says:

    I love “White Cafe”. Everything is so delicious and very well-presented. I think “Khun Nuu -Benya” is a great & talented Chef.

  2. Gift says:

    na kin makkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    i’ll sure go there sometime !!!

  3. Na Oh says:

    It was my third time there last weekend. I fully agree with you, the waiters there are quite…confused. All of those three times I dine there, one of them manage to messes up my order. The consistency is strange 🙂

    I love all the food there, but man! really disappointed with the creme brulee, it was not creamy, it was not smooth, if it was less sweet, I’d think that I ordered steamed egg. Will stick to the food from now on.

    1. Thanks for reminding me about the creme brulee ka. I totally forgot that ours wasn’t too good too. It was completely liquid, actually. First, I thought maybe it was just ours that got over burnt on top, but I guess their creme brulees just aren’t good. Didn’t get to try the other desserts since they were out. Wonder what they’re like ka!

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