Bad, Bad Macarons

Hi there,

Just letting you guys see that my macarons do not always come out perfect. There are good macarons day and bad macarons day for me still. These ones were made a while back when I was still pretty new to the process, but I thought they are pretty useful for showing you all what your macarons should NOT look like. What’s wrong with these?

  1. They are too puffed up, a good macaron should be flatter
  2. They are not smooth

I think these two bad characteristics were caused by not mixing enough during the macaronage process. It is very easy for new bakers to be scared of over-folding the batter. The key is to make sure you fold enough for the batter to start having some shine to it.

As you can see, the pink ones are flatter and smoother than the white ones. This is because I folded a couple more time after adding the color to the batter.

I hope this is some what helpful for you guys!

Bon Appétit!


One Comment Add yours

  1. belle says:

    haven’t tried to make these macarons yet, but glad to see your useful tips 😀 cheers for sharing tips, keep it up gal..xx

    ps. lov all those pics, nice n clear.

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