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Hi there,

Are you a fries lover? I am! As hard as I try to stay away from fried stuff as much as possible, I have a week spot for fries. Not just any fries, I like my fries not drenched in oil with a crispy on outside and soft inside. I do not like my fries to be crispy all the way through, and I especially loathe soggy fries. I like my fries cut in wedges, I like my fries with a cajun kick, and I like my fries curly. My favorite fast food fries are the criss-cross ones from Wrap it, and the generic ones from Burger King. But being the health freak that I am (you probably can’t tell from the reviews here, but I actually consume mostly veggies, even a rabbit would be scared of me,) I try my best to stay away from fast food as much as possible. People laugh at me when I call my rare visit to good old McDonalds my indulging meal, given my tendency to splurge on food on a normal basis. But I’m a junk food lover in disguise.

So what do I do when I have cravings for fries? I order them at restaurants! Somehow my brain allows me to cheat and tricks itself into thinking that ordering fries at restaurants are ok. So imagine my happiness when I found my favorite (restaurant) fries in Thailand last week! Hands down, IfItIs does the best fries (my kinda fries) in Thailand. The fries there are battered and double fried at a controlled temperature according to the owner. And all that trouble surely pays off since the huge ginormous fries at IfItIs has the crispy-est outside, and softest potato goodness in the inside!

Plus, the restaurant is absolutely adorable. The tiny spot is uniquely charming with old wooden clocks hanging from the ceilings, painted walls, and eclectic furniture, in which they sell (if i remember correctly, a leather chair made out of stitched together fish scale costs 15000.)

Another thing I love about this place is their menu that comes in the form of a wooden puzzle in which you flip each pieces of the menu over to read it.

Their beverage menu is inspired by 7 Thai fruits and herbs that add a healthy spin to their cocktails. We started off with refreshing sangrias. We ordered both the red and the white one; both were good but I found myself liking the red one more since the white one has a hint of cherry which I’m not a big fan of.

The gimmick of the restaurant is “painting your food.” You pick your brushes, your colors, and your canvas. The brushes are anything from their super delicious fries to vegetable sticks. Their colors are 30 different dipping sauces( even unexpected ones such as pickled fish, liver pate, fresh plum, chocolate, you name it) that come accompanying the fries or different “topping” for the “canvas” such as chicken in special gravy. Lastly, the canvases are rice, fried noodle, sticky rice, mashed potato, and roti“, in which you put your topping on. That’s pretty neat, right?

You have the option of selecting 3 or 7 dips for your fries, we went with 3 (wasabi, pork on fire, and sour cream & onion) since there were only two of us. The fries are creatively served on a painter’s palette, which I thought was genius.

pork on fire dip

We also ordered truffle salad topped with crispy noodle with creamy truffle dressing that was really yummy and spaghetti with mushroom and crispy basil (กระเพาเห็ด) which was good also.

I’m going back there on wednesday, so needless to say how much I love this place!

Bon Appétit!


60/1 Sukhumvit 38 (Near Thonglor BTS )

Bangkok, Thailand

Tel: 0-2713-5575, 08-6355-5553

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  1. Pomme says:

    I love it here too ESP sangria, red one to be specific. Me and my friends visit here too many times as it is owned by my friend’s cousin. I’d like to recommend u one menu which is rice (crispy noodle or mash potato as options) with chicken sauce. It’s must-try menu ^^

  2. Thank you for the recommendation na ka. Will definitely give that a try. I was supposed to be there for dinner today but got rescheduled. =(

  3. IfItIs's Crew says:

    Thank you so much for a lovely review and beautiful picture na ka…
    Hope to see you again soon na ka!

    1. Will definitely be back ka =D

  4. Pang says:

    love the fries here too!

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