Easter Brunch at 55 Centara

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Eating one two many bites of Wagyu, sipping too many glasses of Champagne, and indulging in too many spoonfuls of chocolate – doesn’t that just sound like the perfect Easter meal? It sure does to me!

My family and I went back to the bi-monthly buffet at Fifty Five, Centara Grand (which I previously reviewed HERE.) This time it was a special Easter-themed Perrier Jouet champagne brunch. As soon as I read the promotional e-mail, I had to book a table. According to the e-mail, “there’s an upgrade in the carvery section which includes a whole slow roast leg of Wagyu beef, charred salt bush lamb, a selection of 20 artisan cheeses, and an Easter-themed Valrhona chocolate & berry buffet.” sounded like a pretty good meal, wouldn’t you agree? (Also they switched their champagne to Perrier Jouet Grand Brut from Lombard – I don’t know how these two compare though cause I’m easy when it comes to champagne, ha!)

As I got to the sky high restaurant, I found that the first apparent difference was the abundance of chocolate Easter eggs that were on display which I thought was very cute and festive. Yet, it was also apparent that the selection of seafood was less plentiful than last time. I’m not a seafood lover, so I did not notice much of a difference, but according to my dad and boyfriend, who pretty much ate an ocean’s worth of seafood last time, merely only some Alaskan king crab legs were out compared to whole ones last time and that the mounts of shrimps that used to stun all seafood lovers were, somewhat, condensed.  I was not bothered by any of this because I do not eat any of those things in the first place. But it seems like the seafood lovers at my table were less excited this time around. Let’s see if we could spot some differences in between these pictures:

Apart from the selection being smaller for the seafood, the seafoodie (like my new word?) also thought that the quality also went down a little bit. The seafood was not as fresh, the crab legs had less meat, and some of the oysters were not so fresh (the server actually informed us to go for the ones from France and Canada and not so much the ones from Mexico.) But we still left happy since the new additions made up for it.

I, on the other hand, was very pleased with the meal. I was very pleased with the sight of the 20 artisans cheeses and the flavors of all the ones I tried. I was very pleased with the giant roast leg of Wagyu, which was fork tender and pretty much bigger than my whole body. I was very pleased with the change of foie gras from the terrines containing fruits like last time to the absolutely delicious red wine and caramelized pineapple flavored ones. I was also pretty pleased with the unlimited Perrier Jouet champagne. And I was definitely a happy bunny at the sight of chocolates Easter eggs every where (no pun intended.) So I think I had the best time out of every one.

I have plenty of pictures from the brunch, so let’s get into it!

Bon Appétit!

Fifty Five

55th floor, Centara Grand CentralWorld
999/99, Rama 1 Road, Pathum Wan
Bangkok, 10330, Thailand

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  1. Hathairat says:

    I am happy to read your posts! Cheers!

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