Ohana Fresh Cafe

Don’t you guys just lie the cartoon Lilo and Stitch? (if you don’t, what’s wrong with you??!?) it’s one of my favorite for many reasons, one of them being Stirch is like the cartoon version of my dog. I have a picture to prove:

Apart from the uncanny similarities, I also love the heartwarming vibe the cartoon exudes, especially in the scene when Stitch says “Ohana means famil; family means nobody gets left behind”
By now you are probably wondering why am going on and on about a Disney cartoon, it’s a food blog for heaven’s sake! Well, letbkebjust assure you that I have a reason!

I was just at a cafe called “Ohana” and it exudes the same family-friendly vibe as my favorite cartoon. (See what I did there? It’s called transition, baby!) Ohana Fresh Cafe is located in soi Sukhumvit 24, it’s tiny so make sure you keep an eye out for it as you enter the restaurant infested soi.

Ohana is owned by the same people as Roast at Seenspace, thonglor 13, and both places have one of my favorite coffees in Bangkoj: the iced espresso. Nothing quite beats the strong coffee flavor that slowly infuses the cold mill as the coffee ice cube melts on a hot Bangkok morning. I love it!

They also offer a couple a nice list of pasa, sanwiches, and breakfast items. you can order a la carte or order in sets.

At 300 baht, you can get a small bowl of hot soup,a hearty sandwich, and a coffee of your choice. I ordered my favorite iced coffee, a bowl of pumpkin soup, and a croque monsieur which I liked but my boyfriend thought tasted too “healthy”( i.e. the ham could have been thicker, the cheer more oozy, and the bread white instead of rye.)

We also ordered the breakfast set, which you could choose between pancake/ waffle, scrambled/ fried egg, and a choice of meat. We went with pancakes, scrambled, and sausages. The dish was as expected it didn’t wow us nor did it let us down. For 240 baht, we thought it was a good deal.

Lastly, we ended the brunch with a strawberry waffle with whipped cream, and a scoop of ice cream, needless to say, I am full till tomorrow!

Bon appetit!

Ohana Fresh Cafe
Sukhumvit 24. tel. 02-6611930 fresh@ohana.co.th http://www.ohana.co.th

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