Roast ร้านอร่อยนั่งสบาย

Hi there.


Roast describes themselves as “Roast: A specialty coffee Roaster, Cafe & Bistro” located at Seen Space, Thonglor 13, this cozy eatery is soon climbing up my list as one of my favorite spots to have a relaxing meal at – be it breakfast, lunch, coffee break, or dinner, roast has something roasting for you. Just like its name cleverly suggests, not only is Roast serious about their coffees, they serve Traditional English Roast dinners (roast beef, roast chicken, complete with all the vital sides such as stuffing, cranberry sauce, and yorkshire pudding!)

Moreover,  I’m addicted to their iced espresso, which comes as a glass of dark coffee ice-cubes and cold milk. It tastes amazing, and it’s my current favorite cupa-coffee in Bangkok right now.

Some other good points:

  • The place is not so packed (yet)
  • The staff is always friendly.
  • They also have affordable wine
  • They do breakfast and brunch which I’ve heard good things about but haven’t had a chance to try yet.
  • It has Yorkshire pudding….enough said.

Bon appetit!




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  1. Pomme says:

    Try Duck Confit next time naka. It’s always been my fav dish. Whenever i see it on the menu at any restaurants, i will love to try it. Duck Confit here is good with crispy skin yet soft meat inside.

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